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5 DIY Home Office Organizers

Are you crafty?  Grab the crazy glue, because we’re going to show you some easy do-it-yourself projects to help get your desk more organized.  You don’t need to spend major money buying the same organizer everyone else has when you can easily put together one that is truly unique.

If you’ve got very little space, try this organizer made from fabric and a picture frame!  You can dress it up with ribbon, buttons, colored fabric, or paints.

This simple pen organizer is made from a stack of cork trivets.  You could customize by using a decorative cork coaster on the top of the stack, or adding twine or ribbon around the outside.

If you’re low on desk real estate, you could put a little more effort into this project of clip-on desk organizers.  They’ll hang out on the outside of your desk space to open up your work surface for more productive work!

Make a cute organizer from clear glass accented with ribbon, twine, or paint.  This tutorial shows you how to make them on a matching framed base.

If you have the space, this organizer can be made from magazine holders and painted to match your decor.

Share your DIY organizing ideas with us, or upload a photo of your DIY desk organizer to our Facebook page.

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