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Home Office Ideas

Creating a functional space to do work at home can be a daunting and frustrating task. Finding the time to even think about it can be burdensome. Having done it many times before, we found the best way to determine what you want your home office to look like is to look at examples of already designed offices and rooms. Looking at examples will give you a better idea of the overall vision you want to accomplish and the elements that will or will not work in your space.

Below you will find some great resources that will help you through the process. These sites were selected based on their image quality, ease of use and practicality.

HGTV is a great resource for exploring home office ideas. This section will show you over 120 different home office ideas that are actually attainable. They even provide you “designer notes” about color and home office furniture selection. Visit their home office design section to learn more. (photo from HGTV)

Freshome is a website and blog that features creative office space ideas for your home. Visit their website if you are looking for fun and unique office design ideas. (photo from Freshome.com)

HouseBeautiful, or HB for short, has examples of creative work spaces for your home office as well as traditional looks supplied from actual designers. Their website includes more than just home office ideas. If you’re looking for other designs that fits your (photo from HouseBeautiful.com)

Better Homes and Gardens, or BHG, features a section on home office makeovers. BHG typically focuses on more family oriented layouts and designs. If you have a family while working from home, you’ll find their website has many design ideas that fit your style while remaining practical for working families. (photo from BHG.com)

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